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BANK Lives Matter


The financial world has reached “Peak Hypocrisy.”

Up until recently it seemed that the hypocrisy and corruption of Wall Street Banksters knew no limits.

Not anymore.

It’s going to be pretty hard to out do what Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan CHASE bank, did by “taking a knee” in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.


The Uber-Wealthy Dimon posted a picture of himself, wearing a mask and kneeling in front of a giant vault at one of his branches.

He commented that CHASE is “committed to fighting against racism and discrimination wherever and however it exists?”


Take a knee Jamie…


This is one of the major banks that was guilty of targeting black neighborhoods with subprime loans.

Although they were never officially charged with those crimes, JPMorgan Chase paid multiple billions (toxic mortgages alone were $13 Billion) in fines to avoid prosecution.

To these criminals, $13 Billion is more like a license fee to allow them to stay in business.

So, now all of a sudden Dimon wants you to believe that he’s just a regular guy wearing shorts and sneakers while kneeling in sympathy?

It’s more likely that Dimon was trying to show solidarity with protestors out of fear rather than genuine support.

He’s gotta be thinking how can I keep these people from bombing my banks?

Maybe he’s starting a new movement “BANK Lives Matter” in preparation for what the boyz in the “Club” are expecting down the road.

They know the big problems will show up when the sheeple finally realize that the multi-Trillions of Stimulus money – being created out of thin air – is going to bail out the Wall Street banksters.

As we’ve been saying since last year, 2020 will be the year of Chaos.  Unfortunately, it will be filled with unimaginable events that will rattle your cage.

From our December 2019 newsletter:


Not So Crazy Prediction #3

Violence Over the 2020 Elections Will be Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before


Based on what’s happening today, it seems like we’re headed in that direction.

Unfortunately, we’re witnessing numerous well-coordinated global distractions (Cough! CoronaFraud, Cough! Riots, Burning, Looting Cough!) to keep you from seeing how government pensions and the banks are imploding.

So, when you see a cretin like Jamie Dimon – acting as if he relates to all the protestors – you should realize he’s only out to protect his own rear.

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