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How 89-Yr. Old Widows Hear the Market

You’re probably tired of hearing the phrase “You must Listen to What the Markets are Saying.”

If not, great…You’re gonna love this example.

We humans tend to see the world from our “own set of eyes,” therefore, we often miss the big picture.

This is a phenomenon that gets worse when making investment decisions.

Along the way we somehow lose our “ears to hear” what the markets are saying.

It’s easy to understand when you look at the deception that’s shoved in your face 24/7…And the biggest perpetrators of lies and misdirection in the markets come from the gurus on Wall Street.

So, what’s this have to do with an 89-yr. old widow?

Good question.

Like anyone else, they process information based on their perceptions of what they see, hear, and read about the markets.

Notice, I said, “Their” perceptions not your perceptions.

Ironically, they are often great indicators of where the markets are going.

In most cases, it’s because of their lifelong experiences and/or wisdom they’ve acquired from having “been there, done that.”  But unless you hear what they’re saying you’ll miss the obvious.

In our January newsletter we feature an article called “How Two Octogenarians  Accurately Called the Top and Bottom of the Market.”

It’s a true-life story that gives you clear insight on how to HEAR WHAT THE MARKETS ARE TELLING YOU.

When you understand the simplicity of this thinking process, you won’t worry about when to get in or get out of the market…and you’ll have more confidence when making investment decisions.

Get your copy (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.

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