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How Stupid Can the Sheeple Be?

10July20 How Stupid Can the Sheeple Be?


Testing, 1, 2, 3.

Testing, 50,000, 100,000, 1,000,000+.


Covid-19 New cases, Record Numbers Erupt around the country…Live Updates…Panic, Panic, Panic…stay glued to the TV.

Translation: You’re all gonna die (Especially if you live in Florida).  Get Your Fear Factor up.  Just Wear the Mask.  Be a Hero. GET READY FOR LOCKDOWN #2.

Ugh!  It’s disgusting how fear has taken over the sheeple’s frame of mind.

However, it’s easy to understand when a simple Google search on CoronaVirus brings you an overwhelming supply of fear slanted towards the death and sickness side.

But why do the Presstitutes fail to mention the 99.5% recovery rateand that’s assuming you even get the virus?

Have you also noticed how they focus on the increasing number of “New Cases” of CoronaVirus?

Let’s do some simple math here.

When you go from a few thousand tests for CoronaVirus to hundreds of thousands/millions of tests, what do you think the results will be?

More positive results than before?

Good answer.

Ironically (or NOT) the number of deaths all around the world are declining.

How can that be?

And what’s gonna happen in September/October when the real flu season starts up again…LOCKDOWN #2?

Enquiring minds want to know.

The truth is this is NOT the Black Plague…and the wholesale destruction of the world economy will bankrupt another 20%+ of all small businesses in the near future.

They’re using this virus – that may have actually been planted – to achieve this dramatic Marxist Revolution.

The evil billionaires behind this have systematically divided people into groups and stoked hatred to the point that people are turning violent against each other.

It was how the Nazi’s gained power.

In 6,000 years of recorded history, nothing of this magnitude has taken place.

The cost of this Great Lockdown is virtually beyond comprehension.

Unfortunately, the sheeple will eventually seek government help and surrender all liberty to restore what they think is safety.

That’s when things get really ugly.

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