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Saturday Rant…Our New Soap Opera

The trial of the century against Donald Trump is looking like our new soap opera in America.


In fact, it is almost like it is a poorly choreographed soap opera.


And it’s becoming painfully obvious that the Democrats only hope is to cancel the elections, or cancel trump himself.


But what they fail to realize is if Trump is railroaded in their Kangaroo court, there will be considerable blowback.


And today’s rant (featuring Boris FullofCrap) illustrates how we have devolved into becoming more like old Russia.


So, take it away Boris FoC…




Mr. James, it does not please Boris to compare America with old Russia.

Because Boris and family escaped old Russia for Safety of America.  But now see too many similars with politicks and putting opponents in prison.

Boris misspell politicks on purpose…using old Greek definition from two words describing politics in America today…poly (many) ticks (bloodsuckers).

But real problem is how foolish liberals can’t see blowback coming like trainwreck.

They don’t seem to understand that (like old Russian politicians) they destroy our Constitution.

And they still don’t understand that 2016 was all about blowback.

2016 showed Americans are not stupid and showed they rejects Hillary from ruining America.

I think they will be amazed at what happens after trial results force Trump to gulag on Rikers Island.

Boris thinks this is like famous old soap opera “As the world turns” but should rename to “As the stomach turns.”

Boris make joke…LOL!

But no joke is around when you see how motivate evil people act to convict Trump of no crime he commit.

They are commit crime.

And Boris believes this trial is to hide crimes the cover up.  Like genocide by covid injection.

Also, remember they talk out loud of their goal: depopulation and dissolution of the USA.

And just like old Russia, they are NOT going to quit.  They dont care what you or Boris think.

They are not pretending this is fair or just because they are at war against the USA.

Sad, because this will continue despite obvious absurdity.

And like old Russia, it is all about Control.

And to prove point, Boris share link that Presstitutes would like to hide from you…

Virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bosshe Issues Urgent Warning To C-19 Jabbed Re: Tsunami Of Death Coming

Boris pray for Donald Trump but thinks the jury will be rigged like the 2024 election.





Thanks again, Boris.


And we wish we could disagree with you but you are spot on with your observance…AGAIN.


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