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More Proof How Sanctions Failed

If you’ve been reading our posts for any length of time you know that we rant over how sanctions fail.


READ: Sanctions, An Act of War  March 9, 2022 (HERE)


And, once again, Russia has proven it to be true.


Cue up: A recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that Russia’s economy will grow more in the next year than any other advanced economy.


In addition to sanctions against Russia – cutting them off from using the SWIFT system – the cutting off Europe from Russian energy has also backfired in a major way.


As a result, foreign investments have been pouring into Russia from the rest of the world, which is eager to join the rank of “advanced nation.”


Last year alone trade between China and Russia has spiked to $240 billion.


And even though the proof is right in front of their faces, world leaders have learned absolutely nothing from the previous three years.


Instead, O’Biden just announced new tariffs against China on steel, aluminum, and shipbuilding supplies that will be potentially raised to 7.5%.


7.5% may not sound like a lot but it is triple the current rate for steel and aluminum.




Increased Sanctions Failing with China




So, when will these morons (Western Leaders) realize that China does not need the US to excel at trade.


Ironically (or NOT) China’s adopted capitalistic style of business is causing nations to line up to sell to China in the same manner that they once did to the US.


As a result, O’ Biden just made it less appealing for nations like China to sell to the US.

Adding gasoline to this fire, Russia does not need the US, Canada, or Europe for trade either.




Because they have a precious natural resource that is in higher demand than supply…AKA Fossil Fuels.


And the reality the Presstitutes don’t want you to know is how the world needs energy and fossil fuels and cannot operate without them.


Despite how hard the climate change zealots try, they cannot eliminate the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.


Instead, the West is imposing regulations and taxing its people to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.




But there are two major problems here:


  1. The demand is not there
  2. And the infrastructure does not exist



Bottom Line:  There is no reliable alternative to fossil fuels on a wide scale.



Want more proof of how Sanctions Failed?


Russia has effectively been selling oil to nations like India who then turn around and sell it to the West at a premium.





Furthermore, nations like those under BRICS are freely trading – without Western interference – and it is becoming overtly apparent that sanctions do not work.


Learn how this will affect increased inflation in America…and how hedge your investments accordingly (HERE).


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