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Safe and Effective is Now Suddenly and Unexpectedly

The death toll keeps climbing for those who took the clot shot.  And the Boyz are trying to cover it up with the phrase “Suddenly and Unexpectedly.”


It’s another way of them saying “I’m shocked I tell you…Shocked…Who Could’ve foreseen this happening?”


And while it may truly be ‘suddenly’ it is not unexpectedly for those who refused to take the jab.


Hopefully (by now) more people are realizing that the Big Pharma Boyz have become the fourth, fifth, or sixth branch of our government.


(In case you forgot, the first three being legislative, executive, and judicial)


Ironically (or NOT) we are now seeing all kinds of data on new “respiratory viruses” infecting Americans.

And, in case you missed it, the FDA just approved the first ever Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Vaccine in May.



Translation:  There are no Coincidences, folks.



Speaking of “coincidences,” new data from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) indicates a significant increase in heart issues among pilots…with heart failure spiking nearly 1,00% in 2022.


And the Pentagon also saw significant spikes in numerous ailments well beyond their five-year averages including:


  1. Hypertension +2,181%
  2. Neurological disorders +1,048%
  3. Multiple Sclerosis +680%
  4. Guillain-Barre syndrome +551%
  5. Breast Cancer +487%
  6. Female Infertility +472%
  7. Pulmonary Embolism +468%
  8. Migraines +452%
  9. Ovarian Dysfunction +437%
  10. Testicular Cancer +369%
  11. Tachycardia +302%



Again, there are no coincidences.



Suddenly and Unexpectedly?



So, is it any wonder why people responsible for this fake pandemic madness are using the phrase “Suddenly and Unexpectedly” to keep you from blaming them?


BTW, these are the same people who told us how AIDS was going to kill all heterosexuals if we did not do something about it.


And they’re also the ones who can’t define “what is a woman?”


So now this “Suddenly and Unexpectedly” form of death is begging the question:



Had You Known, Would You Have Taken the Jab?



Americans are now starting to understand that the media campaigns supporting the shots were fraudulent.

The touted beliefs – preventing infection and transmission – were flat out lies.


As a result, fewer than one in five Americans elected to receive “boosters” despite multi-billion-dollar propaganda campaigns.


The good news is, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has now brought a suit to bring accountability for the fraud that resulted in record profits for Big Pharma.


Last week he filed a complaint alleging that Pfizer misrepresented Covid vaccine efficacy and “conspired to censor public discourse.” 

This is a direct violation of Texas’ Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA).


And while Big Pharma enjoys immense government-provided insulation from legal liability for vaccine injuries, it cannot lie to promote those products.


Paxton alleges that the $75 Billion Pfizer has raked in through Covid sales were the “direct and proximate result” of the company’s deceit.



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