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Saturday Rant…She Destroyed Harvard

The New York Post has accused Harvard of using an “expensive law firm” to threaten them over an investigative journalism report into the university president’s alleged plagiarism…as she destroyed Harvard in the process.


According to the New York Post’s report, on Oct. 24, they made Harvard University aware of more than two dozen instances in which University President Claudine Gay’s words, phrases, or sentences appeared to closely resemble works already published by other academics.


Ms. Gay has been accused of plagiarizing multiple sections of her Ph.D. thesis back in 1997, violating Harvard’s policies on academic integrity.

The alleged plagiarism, combined with Ms. Gay’s controversial statements during the recent congressional hearing on antisemitism, has led to calls for Ms. Gay to resign.


We’ll stop here and turn today’s rant over to our favorite female contributor/ranter PrettyInPink.


Take it away PiP



Wokeness strikes again, James.

And Harvard’s Woke President Claudine Gay is now front and center stage as she has destroyed Harvard’s credibility (or what’s left of it).

But the Boyz on Haaavard’s board are claiming they “Fully Support her continued leadership at Haaavard.”

In a strange way they might be able to avoid firing her for cheating and lying about her credentials.

Because how can they fire her for plagiarism when an Old White Guy who has been a plagiarist his entire life was installed as President of the United States.

And as far as her “Work” is concerned, I put more thought and effort into brushing my teeth.

She has a record of bitching about men, white people, and non-existent racism…and that doesn’t include her antisemitic remarks over Israel.

In my opinion, Ms. Gay has lived under a cloak of deceit for many years…but recently she must have pissed off the wrong person.

Because another female Black academic (Dr. Carol M. Swain) has lashed out on ‘X’ about being angry over Ms. Gay’s cheating and Harvard protecting her.

And, of course, Swain puts the blame on…wait for it…WHITE PEOPLE.

“White progressives created her and white progressives are protecting her.  The rest of us have had to work our rear ends off to achieve success.”

–Dr Carol M Swain—Angry on X

It’s totally laughable because she probably – at one time – taught a class on ethics.

One thing we know for sure is that she checked all the right boxes.

  • Black? Check

  • Woman? Check

  • Woke? Check

  • Hates J**s? Check

  • Amorphous sexuality? Check

  • Marxist? Check

  • Promotes hatred and discrimination against certain classes/races of humans? Check

  • Punishes those who disagree/expresses non-woke opinions? Check

  • Hates monogamy, Christianity, Western Civilization? Check

  • Steals other peoples work and calls it her own “Scholarly Research” and PhD Thesis?  Check

  • Selected as President of Harvard? Check

  • Board of Directors shrugs shoulders and pours another glass of Port, while celebrating their wisdom? Check

  • Destroyed on of the USA’s most esteemed Universities? Check

  • Mission Accomplished

God help us all.



Wow, PiP?


As usual, another great rant.

And we appreciate the fact that (from a woman’s perspective) you didn’t automatically side with the Haaavard Prez.


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