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Is it Time to Short Pfizer?

Now that the Covid gravy-train is seemingly over we wonder if it is time to short Pfizer?


Ironically (or NOT) the price of both Pfizer and Moderna stock is down 35 and 49% so far this year.



And based on America’s somewhat “return to common sense” it appears that Pfizer will be the biggest loser… “what a shame.”


Pfizer, who was a major beneficiary of the pandemic surge, just dramatically reduced its annual sales outlook by $9 billion on Monday.


Again, “what a shame.”


And ANY politician who voted for the vaccines by Pfizer should be voted out of office.



Their contract with governments around the globe states, “Accordingly, Pfizer and its Affiliates shall have no liability for any failure by Pfizer or its Affiliates…”


Not only is that insane it is completely outrageous that ANY politician would waive all liability for a vaccine.


Example:  Suppose a car manufacturer produces a car that blows up when you start it, but only one in 500.


If they have no liability, then why fix it?


Under true capitalism, every company is liable for its product that is manufactured.


So, where does Pfizer get off with this…with the appearance of paying bribes and gifts to politicians?


It has become obvious that Pfizer has rigged the game, and the politicians sold our rights, which is unconstitutional.



However, good luck finding a judge who will honestly address this question.



Time to Short Pfizer?




In simple terms, “shorting a stock” means you are making a bet that its price will fall.

It is the opposite of buying a stock in that you sell it first (by borrowing in from an investment house) and when/if it declines you buy it back at a lower price and keep the difference (profit).


Pfizer only cared about money.


And they experimented on society with unproven vaccines.


But, Now studies show that those who just blindly listened to the government and the media taking their children to be vaccinated, now show that many of those children have heart problems.


So, now that we have seen the “pump” on the healthcare industry from Covid-19, it’s time for the “dump”.


Lawsuits are coming and Wall Street knows this.


So, it will be interesting to see how many politicians (who have made millions on Pfizer) respond when the stock continues its decline in 2024…possibly to single digits.


And you can bet the bureaucrats and politicians who approved these drugs will absolutely throw PFE and MRNA under the bus if the political pressure gets too high.


Speaking of throwing under the bus, be sure to read:


Why Governments Aways – and without Exception – Act in Their Own Self-Interests and Never That of the People


It’s in our October issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


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