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Race Wars Trump CoronaFraud No Pun Intended


Isn’t it amazing how quickly a narrative can change from #StayAtHome, wear a mask, practice social distancing to: “Let’s go out and burn down buildings and loot stores so we can stop racism?”


These groups of terrorists, anarchists, antifa’s, Soros paid thugs, who are starting riots all over the country have proven one thing.

The CoronaFarce has been the biggest hoax in history.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who are saying: “But, But! What does LeBron, Kapernick, and other famous athletes and celebrities have to say about all of this?”

Again, C’MON MAN!

Who cares what these people think?

The fires of race riots are being stoked by the attention they’re getting by the equally disgusting media presstitutes.

Ironically (or NOT) the presstitutes continue to destroy what little credibility they have left by quickly abandoning their CoronaFraud Crusade.

If you haven’t figured out by now that this whole CoronaFraud is a set up to destroy our country from within then let me give you some perspective.

Two years ago, a Minneapolis cop, Mohamed Noor – who happens to be a dark-skinned Somalian – murdered an unarmed white woman who was seeking help in reporting a crime in progress.

Do you, or anybody you know, remember hearing how people in Minneapolis went crazy protesting the murder of a Justine Damond by rioting, burning down stores, looting and wreaking havoc in the Twin Cities?


Why not?

It’s the same city that’s literally going up in flames today.

The point is these “Race Wars” are the latest episode in the ongoing attempt to destroy America from within.

Think it’s bad now?

Wait until all the people who’ve been forced out of work, lost their homes become depressed or committed suicide realize that our government doesn’t care about them.

They only care about bailing out their pensions and their Wall Street bankster friends.

It’s what this whole #ShutDownTheWorldFraud is all about.

The Loss of Confidence in Government is what we’ve been saying will drive the stock market wild.

And the 99% will totally miss it.

Don’t get me wrong, race riots are terrible.

They’re also a great distraction to keep you from seeing the greatest theft in history.

Don’t be their victim.

Learn how to prosper AND thrive in these Turbulent Times (HERE).



Remember when white Minnesotans

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