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Bureaucracy Does NOT Protect You

Congress critters want you to believe that a bureaucracy is designed for your best interests.  And they believe it’s their responsibility to spend your tax dollars how THEY see fit.

That’s totally wrong.

Bureaucracy only protects the people in charge from accountability.

It’s true.

Example:  When you try to dispute a problem caused by stupid laws or unfair taxes you end up fighting through layers of bureaucracy.

Along the way you run into a lot of people who’ll shrug their shoulders at you…saying, “Sorry man, I didn’t make the law…I just work here.”

That’s kinda like the waitress who recently told me I couldn’t come into the pancake house without a mask on.

I said: “I can’t eat with a mask on.”

She replied: “You only have to wear the mask when you come in.  Once you’re at the table you can take it off.”

When I said, “That sounds really stupid,” she said: “I’m sorry and I know…I just work here.”

At least she was polite AND apologized for following a stupid rule.

When have you ever seen a politician admit to making a mistake?

They don’t…it’s not their nature.

Instead, they react to problems by “calling in experts to consult” (Cough! Dr. Frauduci, Cough! Bill Gates, Hairball Cough!)  They only pretend to fix the problem.

On the flip side, they’ll justify printing TRILLIONS of dollars to bail out their pensions and the Wall Street banksters.

Meanwhile their friends in the MIC (Military Industrial Complex—a MAJOR bureaucracy) and other government cronies are lining their pockets with your tax dollars.


You need to realize that these stupid multi-TRILLION-dollar stimulus bills are only going to benefit the banksters and politicians.

Washington and Wall Street have been in bed together for well over 100 years.  And if you’re not paying attention, their actions could put you in the poor house.

Learn how this might alter your lifestyle here.

You’ll thank us later.


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