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Bloodletting, Now That’s a Great Idea!


Whoever came up with the idea of “Bloodletting” as a cure for what ails you was – at that time – considered a genius in medical advancements.

However, today we look at it as barbaric.

Rightfully so.

Slicing people up and/or using leeches to suck out blood sounds pretty disgusting.

Ironically (or NOT) years from now society will look back on our world and say things like: “You mean people actually used chemotherapy to treat cancer?”

And they’ll look at it as barbaric like we look at how bloodletting was the most advanced medical technology of its time.

Chemotherapy is primarily used to kill cancer cells.  At the same time, it kills most of the healthy cells around it weakening and destroying the other systems in the body.

Most people don’t die from cancer.

The medical profession admits that many cancer patients die from heart failure, pneumonia, kidney failure, etc.

What they don’t say is how the chemo caused the patients to die from complications of the poison chemo.

So, what’s this have to do with the markets?

Glad you asked.

The bond market has been suffering from extreme bloodletting for years caused by negative interest rates.

This in turn has caused most pension plans to go bankrupt and they’re unable to meet their current AND future obligations.

In other words, the lifeblood of the bond market has been sucked out by government leeches and is now on life support.

The end result of this bloodletting will be sovereign defaults starting in Europe, Japan and eventually here in the good old USA.

However, before it hits here you can rest assured that the FED will carpet bomb our bond market with its own form of chemotherapy and destroy everything in its path.

That’s why we continue to say how the stock market AND the Dollar will take the 99% by surprise rising to extreme heights while everyone thinks they should go down.

The Loss of Confidence in Government is the catalyst.  And based on the rising spirit of discontent, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Our June letter shows you how to navigate the minefields and traps set up for the 99%.

Get your copy (HERE) and avoid the bloodletting.

Amateur looters.




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