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Prepare for Pain

Now that the stock market has re-gained nearly 2/3 of it’s losses from early February, are you comfortable yet?

Today is President’s Day and the markets are closed.  However, unless you’re 100% in cash, you need to prepare for more shocks, pain, confusion, chaos, and panic in the markets.

How do I know that?


Before I go on let me be clear on one thing.  We are not in the business of calling market tops or bottoms.

We focus on helping you listen to the markets (instead of the media) so you can do two things:

  • Avoid getting destroyed by the inside “Club” members.

  • Show you how to “connect the dots” so you can profit when others are losing.

But let’s go back to that “pain” theme for a moment.

History has a way showing you how the markets are going to move.  And History is waaayyy more dependable than any guru wannabe out their screaming “This time is different.”

Trust me…it’s never different.  But that’s what the boyz will say in order to shake you out of the tree.

Earlier this month we wrote about how the markets will retest the February lows.  Now, I’ll add that we’re likely to see the market make another low, possibly by the middle of March.

The questions you must answer are:  Will you get out as the pain of loss increases?  Or, will you seize the moment to buy more?

Only you can answer those questions.

We’re simply trying to remind you of an old Wall Street Adage:  “The markets move in the direction that frustrates the most people.”

And the best way to answer those questions is to learn from our experiences (HERE).

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