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Bogus Headlines…Euphoria Turns to Terror

The presstitutes in the Lame Stream Media continue their violation of what they’re supposed to do.  (Report the news)

Instead they rely on desperate attention-grabbing headlines about the recent “terror” on the trading floors of Wall Street.

Let me counter their lies for you with one simple statement:

When terror does raise its ugly head, it will be AFTER the markets drop 10,000 points.  (Notice I said when, not if.)

Until then, everything else is just noise.

(Ironically, when that happens, it will be time to buy stocks.  But most people will be too scared).

That’s simply how it works on Wall Street.

Scare the sheeple out of the market so the “Club” gets to buy at a huge discount.

Wash!  Rinse!  Repeat!

It’s what they do best.

Along the way, be on the lookout for more Doom Porn Headlines like “This Time is Different,” or “This Crash Will be the Worst in History.”

We don’t want to sound like a broken record but you should expect more chaos, confusion, and panic as the markets attempt to establish a new low…most likely in the month of March.

If you think of the markets like a pendulum that reached a peak (January 2018) then you should expect that pendulum to swing just as far in the opposite direction.

The big difference is, markets fall faster than they go up.  (Think of gravity).  And that’s what scares people the most.

Don’t be scared.

LISTEN to the Market…NOT the Media.

See how to position your portfolio for the remainder of 2018 (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.





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