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Pope Endorses Same-Sex Civil Union

At first, I thought it was another National Enquirer tabloid style headline mocking the Pope.

But then, I remember feeling the same way when I read how CNN’s top legal adviser, Jeffrey Toobin, was caught masturbating on a Zoom call with The New Yorker magazine executives.

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Oops! I forgot.

We’re still in 2020, The Year of Chaos.

Seriously, sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I try to look objectively at what we’re witnessing in today’s bizzarro world.

Perversion has become far too main stream for my tastes and NO, I’m not going to go with the flow, simply because someone tells me “it is what it is.”

However, I do have a few questions for the alleged Holy See and his “Love for all” campaign.

Keep in mind this is the same Pope who angrily slapped a woman outside the Vatican on New Year’s Eve when she simply wanted to hold his hand.

The fact that it was December 31, 2019 should’ve been a sign to all of us.

Anyway, let’s get to those questions.  Enquiring minds want to know:

  • Will the Catholic Church now partner with Planned Parenthood?
  • How many wives or husbands will the Catholic Church now allow each Man or Woman to marry?
  • How many Genders does the Catholic Church recognize now?
  • Will Priests now be allowed to marry…same-sex, of course?
  • Are Catholics now supposed to violate their beliefs and openly embrace homosexuality?


The Vatican should have stuck with electing Catholics for Pope.

Based on this line of thinking, in the coming months we should expect Alcoholics Anonymous to host keg parties on Saturdays to boost membership.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise when you to see pig roasts at Vegan Events.

Black is White and Night is Day.


Buckle up folks!

It’s going to be a Turbulent ride into 2021 and beyond.

However, instead of worrying about what’s headed our way, take time to learn how to prosper AND thrive in turbulent times (HERE).

It’s Not Just About Finance.

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