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If Gun Owners Were as Violent as…

Lately it seems as though some of you are touchy/offended about some of the subject matter in our daily emails.

Is it the Holidays?

If that’s the case then I’m sure you’ll be offended by this email.

Let me point out that the majority of our emails are written with the intent of getting you to think “outside of the box,” especially when it comes to the investment world.

So, how does Gun Control affect certain market conditions?

Glad you asked.

Obama was known as the greatest gun salesman in history.  (more guns were sold under his presidency than at any other time in history)

If, during those years, you invested in companies that made guns and/or ammunition, you would’ve made a ton of money.

A forgotten statistic was how the government contracted with several companies to make over 1.8 Billion “hollow point” bullets. (You know…the hollow point bullets designed to explode upon impact causing the most damage or death?)

That was enough bullets to kill everyone in America over Five Times.

Why did they want that many bullets?


Since Trump’s been in office, the gun and ammo companies have been in a slump.  (What does that tell you?)

However, the gun grabbing nutjobs haven’t backed off their efforts to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

In fact, they’re ramping up their efforts and will use any event (whether it’s legit or a false flag) to further their agenda.

In this case, logic dictates that you should start looking at opportunities again in the self-defense sector.

(Cough! gun and ammo stocks, Cough!)

In 2019-2020 you can expect politically stoked violence to escalate…it’s mostly because of the left’s hatred of Trump.

Here’s the irony of their hypocrisy.

If gun owners were as violent as Anti-Gun Advocates claim they are—there would be no Anti-Gun Advocates.

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