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Not Just a Fight Among Republicans

The Presstitutes want you to believe that the current madness in the District of Caligula is just a fight among republicans.


To that we say BS.


It’s a classic “look here, don’t look there” move designed to keep you from seeing what’s going on “behind the curtain.”


And to that we say, “Don’t take the bait.”


Consider the following events over the last 10-11 days:



  1. The Democrat chair of Foreign Affairs was charged with taking bribes from a foreign country
  2. The DC attorney general has sent subpoenas to Democrat dark money giant Arabella Advisors over possible illegal activities
  3. A house Democrat (Jamaal Bowman) stalled House proceedings by pulling a fire alarm…which is a felony






4.  Biden’s envoy to Iran was ousted as an Iranian spy

5.  Gavin Newsome appointed a Black Lesbian Marylander (who doesn’t live in California) to be California’s Senator


6. Hunter Biden pleaded “not guilty” to a felony gun charge


7.  Hunter was also caught listing his dad’s home address as a beneficiary of a wire transfer from Communist China


8. A Democrat House member was car-jacked thanks to an explosion of predatory criminal behavior sparked by Democrats Pro-Crime policies


9. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (aka Pelosi’s puppet) was ousted after only 8 months on the job…Ironically (or NOT) among a multitude of ineptness, McCarthy never expelled Pelosi from her plush Speaker’s office that she held for years.


10. And within hours of being named “temporary speaker” Patrick McHenry expelled Pelosi while she attended Feinstein’s funeral…LOL!



Alleged Fight Among Republicans



The alleged “fight among republicans” serves as a great cover for these and many other nefarious activities like the ones listed above.


As a result, the Boyz keep you from seeing how Wall Street is punishing investors and blaming it on politics.

But the truth is the chaos we’re seeing is a direct result of the “Pain Trade” in the bond markets.




Rising yields have exposed what we’ve been saying for years about the biggest risk in the investment world is the inevitable default of government bonds.



READ:  Climate Change = The Cover for Default  November 1, 2022 (HERE)



You can’t stop what’s going to happen in the bond market.


But you can take steps to avoid a disaster AND profit while others pay attention to the Boyz distractions and watch their portfolios blow up.


Find out more in our October issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


And share this with a friend…especially if they can’t see what’s going on.

They’ll thank YOU later.




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