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Not An Energy Crisis

Americas so called “leaders” – in conjunction with the media presstitutes – want you to believe that we are experiencing a global energy crisis.

And although we’re seeing high energy prices across the board, the global energy crisis is not entirely true.


The world is experiencing an entirely preventable, diplomatic crisis.

And it’s caused by western war lovers who are incapable of living in reality and who constantly stoke the fires of hatred among the people.

This is not an energy crisis.

It’s a crisis caused by:


  1. Americas proxy war against Russia
  2. Sanctions against Russia
  3. And a complete failure of European puppet leadership in the UK, France and Germany to answer to the well-being of their citizens


As a result, we’re subject to the dictates of the neo-cons, progressives, and forever warriors that infest the American political establishment…pushing all the wrong buttons.


  1. Shutting down pipelines
  2. Selling millions of barrels of oil from our own reserves
  3. And begging (unsuccessfully) the Arabs for more oil


Ironically (or NOT) Russia and China aren’t buying the BS ‘green energy’ fraud.

But the rest of the Western world is.

And they’re sanctioning Russia because of it…not because of special military operation in Ukraine.


An Energy Crisis on Steroids

As a result of their arrogance, Germans will now pay the price for destroying what domestic energy they had, forcing Russia to shut off the gas to them.

Meanwhile the O’Biden handlers are busy destroying our domestic energy in favor of the fantasy of so called ‘renewables’.






This entire green revolution/climate change is the key for the Klaus Schwab gang to usher in their Great Reset.

But as we’ve said many times in the past they will ultimately fail.


Read:  O’Biden On Board With Great Reset  Aug 5, 2021


Unfortunately, we are being inflicted with the pain associated with the process in the form of high inflation, food shortages, monkeypox or whatever fake pandemic they are threatening us with this week.

The good news is Turbulent Times produces opportunities of a lifetime.

And like it or not, our markets will become increasingly volatile on into 2023.

But instead of freaking out about it, learn how to prosper AND thrive in crazy markets.

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Share this with a friend…and explain to them why we’re NOT in an energy crisis.

They’ll thank YOU later.

We’re Not Just About Finance.

We simply use finance to give you hope.




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