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Markets Are Crashing in 3…2…1…


That’s the sound markets make when they crash…NOT.

Maybe you’ve heard that Wall Street rings a bell when the markets have finally reached a top.   Again, NOT.

Check out this recent headline: Morgan Stanley reports, “Client cash is at its lowest level” as institutions dump stocks to retail.

(Actually, the part about institutions dumping their stocks to retail investors has always been true regardless of whether there’s a crash.  It’s a frequent practice among the “Fleece Masters.”)

Here’s another good one: “Schwab clients opened over 350,000 new accounts during last quarter (a total of 719,000 so far this year) …marking the biggest first half increase in 17 years.”

I’m trying not to gag here, but let me counter a few Wall Street Institutional lies for you.

  • Client cash may be at a low level, but household participation in the stock market is near record lows.
  • Schwab’s “accounting” includes the OptionsXpress accounts (which they bought in 2015) and were recently transferred to Schwab accounts.


It may not be obvious to you yet, but the boyz in the “Club” want you to think the market’s going to crash any day now.

After all, it is October and we’re at the 30th anniversary of the mother of all crashes…

Answer this simple question: “How much money have you added to your investments in the last year?”


If you haven’t increased your investment stash by 20-50% then who’s doing all the buying?

The point is, when everyone is telling you “This or That” is about to happen, it’s a sign for you to look in the opposite direction.

The “Boyz” are giving you the classic head fake.

Don’t be a victim of their deceptions.

Learn to profit from them (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.



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