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NATO Troops In Ukraine?

Brace yourself for this one but Poland has confirmed there are NATO troops in Ukraine.


In Case You Missed it…Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has come straight out and admitted on Friday, March 8th, that “NATO military personnel are already present in Ukraine.”


Translation:  The West desperately wants war with Russia.


And Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said she decided Denmark would send its artillery units to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, NATO is moving nuclear missiles to the border with Russia.


As we have said from the beginning, Russia has NEVER had any intention of invading Europe.


It has always been the other way around.


This entire war was staged from the outset and was intended to force Russia to defend its own people in the Donbas.






The West needs this war because our financial system can no longer be sustained.


And Governments ALWAYS default when they can no longer sell new debt to pay off the old.



READ:  $280 Trillion For the Global Reset  November 30, 2020 (HERE).



Unfortunately, there is no war where people have EVER been told the truth.



Cue Up: IRAQ…and Weapons of Mass Destruction



The Presstitutes won’t admit it because – even back then –  they had already sold their souls to the Banksters.


But the REAL reason behind the Iraq War was that the idea of REGIME CHANGE throughout the Middle East would create peace by bringing in DEMOCRACY.


Question:  After over $2 Trillion dollars spent and MILLIONS of lives lost, how’s that “democracy thingy” working out so far for IRAQ?


It was always about the oil AND money.



And WW3 will not be an exception.



Because the object here has ALWAYS been Regime Change.


These Neocons are convinced if they invade Russia and overthrow Putin, the Russian people will cheer.


And the sanctions on Russia were supposed to get the stupid Russian people to rise up and overthrow Putin to remove the sanctions.


Another Question:  How’s that “sanction thingy” working out so far?



READ: Sanctions…An Act of War   March 9, 2022 (HERE).  


Why Sanctions Never Work…Again  February 9, 2023 (HERE).




We’re not saying “We told you so.”


Check that…actually, we are.


And that’s why in our March “…In Plain English” newsletter (HERE) we spell out what you should be doing in preparation for war in an article titled:



Investments to Own During World War 3

And Why You Should Be Buying Them Now



For the most part, war is devastating.

And far more innocent civilians die than soldiers.


At the same time, the Banksters get richer from the devastation and tragedy while most people lose money.


Don’t be one of them!


Instead, learn how to fight back and beat them at their own game (HERE).


Share this with a friend…especially if they don’t believe WW3 is no longer inevitable but is now imminent.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:


We’re not just about finance

But we use finance to give you hope.








Invest with confidence.
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