April 14, 2024

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Saturday Rant…Is it Real or AI?

Who remembers:  “Is it Real, or is it Memorex?”


In the 1970s there was a famous TV commercial about Memorex cassette tape that, when recorded on, was supposedly so real you couldn’t tell the difference between it and the live version.


50 years later we are now asking the same question about Artificial Intelligence (AI).


The big difference today is how AI has so many applications that you really can’t tell whether something produced by it is real or artificial.


That’s the good and bad news.


And today, Scoob Martin weighs in with his rant about the many dangers he sees with AI.


So, take it away Scooby Dooby Doo!



James, if all you do is look at what happened with Google – and their recent disaster with AI – you can see how this whole AI thing can become a nightmare.

Because you have guys like Elon Musk and the late Steven Hawking saying they’re concerned that robots could grow so intelligent that they could independently decide to exterminate humans.

The original “Terminator” movie comes to mind.


And if Hawking and Musk are fearful, does this mean we probably should be fearful?

While no doubt they are interesting men, are they really competent when it comes to programming?

I’m not the most advanced coder around but I do know you can give a computer the ability to see as well as speak. That is no problem.

Police already have facial recognition software.

 And a computer can know who you are when you enter a room


  And if the government wants to create robots to kill men on command or create an army, that is no problem.

It does not take free will to do that.

 But here’s the problem…

Government does not want independent thought – they do not even want intelligent police for the same reason Stalin killed intellectuals.

Government wants mindless and emotionless drones.

And AI is the perfect environment for them to create and convince the sheeple of whatever message they want to transmit.

It starts with imagery like fabricating people’s image like a sophisticated photoshop so you get a certain impression that THEY want you to perceive.

I know there will be fortunes made by owning AI stocks.  But because of what I know about programing and coding, you can count me out.

I’ll stick with the big blue chips and collect my dividends.



Thanks, Scoob!

And it’s hard to argue your point about owning the good old fashioned “Blue Chip” stocks.


And as far as AI is concerned, we have a special meme to illustrate your point about Imagery and fabricating to influence how people think (see below).


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Is it Real, Or AI?




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