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Murdered Saudi Journalist or Failed Coup?

With all the rumors swirling about the death of Saudi Arabian journalist (and WaPo columnist) Jamal Kashoggi, I have one question.

Where’s the body?

If he was cut into pieces or died in a fistfight, the body should be sufficient evidence of the cause of death.

The media wants you to believe that Kashoggi was in Turkey to get a divorce certificate and was captured and murdered.


He could have sent anyone to get it for him.  Also, 15+ men couldn’t have gone to the embassy in Turkey without him knowing about it.

Is it possible he was meeting them there for a coup against Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) and something went terribly wrong?

Or maybe this is the fake stream news outlets cranking up the smoke machine.  You know, anything to get Pocahontas and Spartacus off the front page. (Media distraction 101).

Any way you look at it this story doesn’t pass the smell test.  In fact, it royally (as in Saudi royal) stinks.

Khashoggi and his family have been hooked-up with House of Saud for hundreds of years.  He spent more years DEFENDING the royal family than he did criticizing them!

His uncle Adnan Kashoggi, was an infamous billionaire arms dealer in the 1980s.  He was implicated in the Iran-Contra affair as a key middleman in the “arms for hostages” exchange.

So, let’s just say we’re skeptical about this sudden media madness over a Saudi journalist.

It seems as if this is just another failed coup to take out MbS just like last years mass murder in Vegas.

You can read about it (HERE).

And you can rest assured we’ll link that story to this one in our November newsletter.

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