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Will Trump Be Our Last Elected President?



Politicians have been rigging elections since ancient times.

In 2016 the Democrats did everything possible to put Hillary in office. They thought they won. They had the press (CNN, New York Times, and the Washington Post) in their pocket.

These (so called) media giants lead a host of others in the Hillary bandwagon.

So, here we are, two years later and the same media maggots continue to do the bidding of their Wall Street overlords.

Ironically (and what most investors miss) the boyz in the “Club” don’t care about who is President.  They simply manipulate the presstitutes and take advantage of the majority of investors.

What should concern you the most is not how the boyz constantly make your wallet lighter via market dislocations and gyrations.

What you need realize is that after witnessing how Trump’s been treated by the presstitutes (and his own party members) the chances of another non-bought-and-paid-for-politician wanting to run for President are slim to none.

And slim’s already left town.

You should be concerned that Trump may be our last legitimately elected president.

What comes after him won’t be pretty.

From here on into 2020, political turmoil will dominate the news with National Enquirer-like headlines.

This will also keep most investors confused and/or worried about the stock markets.

Let me remind you…most of the distractions are to keep you from participating in the Most Hated Bull Market in history.

Keeping the market in tact is the key to keep our economy from collapsing.

America is still the Lynch-pin that holds the world together.

In our October newsletter we published two scenarios that are likely to happen after the Mid-Term elections…and how to invest in both scenarios.

Get your copy before November 6th.  (HERE)

And be sure to vote.

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