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We All Pay for Student Debt

In case you missed it, O’Biden is systematically forgiving Student Debt to the tune of Billions of dollars.


And while students cheer these actions, they are clueless that they will still participate in the debt as it passes over to all of us who pay taxes.



Translation: We must ALL pay for student debt.



Not only is O’Biden destroying the financial future of generations – with his reckless spending in another desperate attempt to buy votes – but people do not realize by now that the taxpayer is paying for this debt cancelation.


So far, O’Biden already “forgave” the debts of 4.3 million borrowers, but the banks have not, and neither have the universities.


And its truly amazing how liberals believe O’Biden is waving a magic wand and making the debt disappear.


This is like some socialist wet dream where the Prez says that federal funds would be used to forgive personal mortgage loans.


And the reason would be how people simply cannot afford them now, and it is the socially acceptable thing to do.


Maybe we should forgive all EV car payments, t00.

And, while we are at it, that money we owe to foreign nations.



But let’s do the math here.


Unfortunately, thanks to O’Biden’s forgiveness plan, WE the people have spent $153,000,000,000 on buying votes through student loan bailouts.


Read that number again.



Ironically (or NOT) on June 30, 2023, the Supreme Court declared Biden’s forgiveness programs unconstitutional.


But the O’Biden regime has never followed the Constitution.

And has actively sought ways to dismiss the very documents this nation was founded on.



On a lighter note, one recent poll found that nearly a quarter of first-time filers actually planned to seek psychological help upon filing taxes.





It appears that Tax season caused some of the woke young Americans to question their financial identities.


“poor wittle babies.”


But here’s the real problem…

We no longer live in a Democracy.




Because we did not vote on whether we wanted to spend an additional $7.4 billion to dismiss the financial obligations of others.

Furthermore, this is a clear and deliberate attempt to BUY VOTES ahead of the election.



Our national debt crisis should scare you.



Because it has become quite clear that O’Biden-Harris and the neocons are borrowing against future generations of Americans.


This encourages the government into believing it can shake down the citizens for additional taxes.


But…and this is a very, VERY Big Butt…


Even if they confiscated all our assets, it would not be enough to cover their continual spending.


And that is why we are closing in quickly on WW3.


Read about it (and how to hedge your investments in the process) HERE.


Share this with a friend…even if they like the idea of student loan forgiveness.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:



We’re Not Just About Finance

But we use finance to give you hope.






Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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