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What’s Funny About This and Why?

The rage, hatred and angst over the recent midterm elections is reflective of a society devoid of civility.

Can you remember a time when you’ve seen our country so divided over politics and issues?

Seriously, people need to get a grip.

They act as if the world is coming to an end because they aren’t getting their needs met or their candidate didn’t get elected.

When the focus is on everyone’s feelings it’s easy to lose perspective of the big picture.

This reminds me of what a famous comedian once said about how he comes up with his material.

He said…” some of the best comedy I come up with is based on real life situations that seem overwhelming at the time. The reality is, with time, that which seems tragic becomes humorous.

The secret is putting things in their proper perspective. And when I’m in a moment of stress, I stop and ask myself two questions: “What’s funny about this, and why?”

At the time, things may not seem funny, but with time you’re able to see humor in nearly every situation.

So, regardless of how you feel about the midterm results, acting out hatred in response to them, won’t solve your problems.

Stop being a victim of the media’s lies and deception. It’s a tactic to keep you in a constant state of agitation.

Instead, find something to laugh about…even if it’s something minor.

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