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Like Thieves Blaming You for Paying Attention

If you pay attention to Fake Stream news headlines you’ll likely become frustrated and aggravated.  (Unless you actually believe them).

As we witness the craziness in Washington, with the Deep State Coup slowly becoming exposed, you can’t ignore the insanity going on in Europe.  (Italy desperately wants out of the Euro and everyone behind the scenes are freaking out…They know it will be the dagger in the Euro’s heart).

We also have Demoncrats in the USA secretly advocating a war against Russia.  It’s taking place behind the curtain as retribution for Hillary’s emails.

This is like you being blamed for coming home early and catching a thief in your home.  The thief then blames you for returning early.

Unfortunately, the overkill of hatred, staged fake news, 35-year-old alleged rape assaults, and some of the most unimaginable headlines we’ve ever seen captures the attention of the masses.

It’s pathetic to say the least.

And it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Keep in mind it’s designed to distract your attention and stoke the fires of hatred.  This way you won’t see how the boyz in the “Club” are quietly stealing your wealth.

We’ve tackled this subject many times in the past, and yet, many of you still don’t get it.  Then, when all hell breaks loose, you’ll cry out like the news media saying, “Who could have foreseen this happening…I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked!”

In our October newsletter, we reveal how the system is gaming you and how to prepare for the two major scenarios that are likely to unfold after the November elections.

Don’t let the thieves blame you for being aware.

What are you waiting for?  (Go ahead and click the link)

You’ll thank us later.

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