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Kavanaugh Carnival Causes Congressional Controversy

You can take it to the bank that history won’t look kindly on what we’re witnessing today in the embarrassing witch-hunt of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

It’s become a circus and a serious disgrace.

If Ms. Ford’s allegations are true, then she is at fault for not bringing charges against him over 35 years ago.

This whole charade is setting a very dangerous precedent.

Think about it!

Nobody should be allowed to bring any allegations against anyone decades after the alleged event without proof.

After seeing this, who in their right mind would ever want to take a chance and expose themselves to all the hatred shown in this case?

No sirreeee, history won’t look kindly on this.

Historians will most likely look back on these hearings as a Turning Point in this country where the decline and fall of the USA was brought to center stage.

It may well be the Tipping Point that exposes the hatred that’s been brewing beneath the surface for a long time.

The hate mongers (behind the scenes) will stop at nothing to advance their agenda.

They’re hell bent on destroying our Constitution, and I’m afraid we’ve gone way too far to ever return to normality.

The future impact on our markets will be profound.

As we’ve said many times in the past, The Markets Are Based on Confidence. 

You can rest assured that when confidence is gone, “all bets are off.”

It may take longer than you think but all the warning signs are starting to flash.

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P.S.  Imagine what would happen if Kavanaugh gets rejected and then Trump appoints him as the new Attorney General.  Pay back time???

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