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An Investment Model So Simple It’s Scary

In Plain English” subscriber, Douw, recently commented:  “James, your investment model is so simple and effective that I’m amazed how I’ve misunderstood it for all these years.”

Which got me thinking:

There’s a lot of money to be made for “…those with ears to Hear.”

And several highlights of the model are:

  • Don’t believe what the majority is saying/doing.

  • You’re never wrong taking a profit.

  • Be sure to take 50% of your profit and hide it away outside the market.

  • The market moves in the direction that…

  • …….

  • …….

  • …….

In all fairness to our subscribers we’ve only listed a few bullet points.

However, every month we highlight and simplify many investment ideas you can easily put into practice…and you don’t have to be a millionaire to use them.

Our Halloween issue comes out soon.  And you can learn how our subscribers profit from the simple ideas that many people never see.

We’ll even give you your first issue for FREE.

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