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Let’s All Apologize for Being White


I know what you’re thinking:   The subject line must have been taken out of Dale Carnegie’s famous book “How To Win Friends & Influence People.”

Am I right?

Forgive me for the sarcasm.

Carnegie was a master of winning friends and influencing people.  His book has helped millions of people improve their lives.

Here’s an excerpt:


How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the best-selling books of all time. It contains universal principles of interacting with other people to get them to like you and have them see your way of thinking. This isn’t about manipulation – it’s about sincerely approaching people, believing they’re important, and treating them likewise. Learn how to become a great conversationalist without saying anything, how to make other people feel important, and how to change other people’s minds without offending them.


Question: Is it crazy to think that Carnegies principles would be effective when dealing with peaceful protestors…or is that considered racist too?

Carnegie knew how effective it is to use respect when interacting with others.

However, he didn’t advocate apologizing for something you didn’t do or a situation you had no control over…like being white.

Yet today we have a surprising number of white people trying to win friends and influence people by gathering in “peaceful protests” so they can apologize for being white.


This is another divisive mind set designed to keep you from seeing how the boyz in the “Club” are pulling off the Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History…right under your collective noses.

As if on cue, politicians are jumping on the guilt bandwagon and making excuses for their collective failure in dealing with the destruction of cities all across America.

To assuage their guilt, they believe they can make things better by allowing George Floyd’s family to have three funeral services to honor him.


What about all the people who were recently forbidden to give their loved ones a proper funeral because of the CoronaFraud?

Is their pain any less?

Or is the CoronaVirus no longer a threat?


The next thing you know, someone will be asking for $14 Trillion in reparations as a way to address racial inequality in America.

Oh, Wait! (Cough! Robert Johnson BET, Cough!)

Apologizing for being white won’t reverse the path we’re headed down.  It will only further our divide.


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