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Laura Ingraham (Fox News) Posted My Post

On Friday I received an email from Bob (Panama City, Florida) with the following note:

…” You might want to listen to Laura Ingraham today, James. I have a feeling your words may be broadcast.

Bob went on to say that he sent our April 18th email to Laura Ingraham’s podcast early in the morning.

The following is an excerpt from one of her podcasts (our email in italics below):

American immigration policies were created by crooked politicians who have vested interests in maintaining these policies, even to the extent that our own innocent citizens are routinely killed, maimed, or sold into human bondage so their graft may continue. Is there anyone left who believes Democrats will end the “resistance”? 

     Our country has lost its way. I received this commentary on our Governmental failures this morning;

Government has become a battle to see which side can destroy civilization first.

Webster defined civilization: “refinement of thought, manners, or taste.”

How much of that do you see in Washington anymore?

Civilization is everyone coming together because the sum is greater than the individuals.

Today, it’s all about the individuals and there is no longer any cohesive sum that is greater.  

While the Dems have officially killed the Trump agenda, what they fail to understand is that this is also the destruction of their agenda as well…

(Ingraham included the balance of our email in her podcast that’s not shown here.)

Many thanks to Bob for sharing the email, and thanks to Laura Ingraham for using it.  

Her audience is in the multi-millions.

This reinforces what we’ve been saying for years in that, you never know who will be affected by something you may share with others.

Rest assured that we’ll follow-up with Ms. Ingraham.

In the meantime, keep on sharing with your friends and family.

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