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Dollar Dropping is Hazardous to Your Health

With the exception of a giant nation like Russia, dropping the dollar has had dangerous consequences.

Including Death!

However, that hasn’t stopped many eastern nations from moving in that direction.

The tectonic shift towards China displacing the US as the world reserve currency is well underway.  In fact, it’s baked-in-the-cake.

The process won’t happen overnight but it’s inevitable and moving toward imminent…it often takes years to complete.

A lot will depend on the deals being cut between Saudi Arabia (and other oil producing nations) and China to meet their demand for oil.

We’ve said in the past that the Saudi’s will stab the US in the back while smiling, bowing, and buying weapons from us (HERE).

Along the way there will be challenges, threats, wars and rumors of wars mostly resulting from the shift of power from the west to the east.

Unfortunately, in the past the US has been quite aggressive towards any nation attempting to use another currency other than the dollar to transact business.  (Cough! Saddam, Cough! Gaddafi, Cough! Assad).

And there’s no reason to think that there won’t be a fight on our part.

Which brings me to my point about how you should prepare for the inevitable demise of the greenback as the world reserve currency.

There’s a tendency to be in denial of any threat of this nature because, in our lifetime, we haven’t known anything different.

Be sure to read our upcoming May issue of “…In Plain English” and learn how to prepare for the inevitable.

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You’ll thank us later.

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