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1st Quarter Report Card

You likely know by now that we don’t make specific stock recommendations (especially in our emails).

However, our newsletter subscribers get to see some of our “suggestions” of certain stocks, sectors and areas that we believe are great values.

So, we’re not bragging here (well…maybe we are…kinda, sorta) but we’re sharing some highlights from the first three months of 2019 so you get an idea of what our paid subscribers see.

In January we began with “Welcome to 2019, The Political Year from Hell.”


Our suggestion of three marijuana related stocks (none of these companies produce, grow or sell marijuana) performed as follows:

#1 (Name withheld) UP 89%

#2   UP 58%

#3   UP 32%


February’s oil stock suggestion is Up 67%.


March’s suggestion of “how to play the “Electric Vehicle” (EV) market is UP 8%.


Keep in mind that one of our website’s main themes “It’s NOT Just About Finance” is what we really focus on.

In addition to you having the opportunity of making a lot of money on some of our suggestions, we hope you’re getting more insight into how the financial/political world operates behind the curtain.

Knowing and understanding these nuances is the key element in Connecting the Dots of the global financial puzzle and seeing how Everything is Connected.

So, if you’ve made money and/or gained knowledge from our newsletter, give yourself a pat on the back for being a part of our crazy group.

See what you’ve been missing and what our newsletter subscribers already know (HERE).

And feel free to share this (and any other email) with a friend.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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