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Is War Now Inevitable?


Research shows that War Never takes place when everyone is fat and happy.

On the contrary, when you turn the economy down – like what’s currently unfolding right under our collective noses – war becomes inevitable.

Ironically (or NOT) guys like Bill Gates drool at the idea of war.


It’s a great way to keep the population down as Gates has been advocating for a long time.

At the same time, Gates and his minions (Dr. Fart, the CDC and the WHO) are suggesting that until a vaccine is developed, we will never be allowed to do anything in public again.

These cretins want to force everyone to be vaccinated (with RFID chips via ID2020) claiming that otherwise the country will NEVER return to normal.

I got news for you.  Normal – as we once knew it – ain’t coming back.

Think I’m kidding.

Look around when you go to the store and see everyone wearing a mask and gloves.

What’s it going to be like when the authorities (who are these authorities, anyway?) declare “It’s okay to take you mask off and you don’t need to social distance yourself anymore.”

People have been scared spitless over a sickness that has A 98% RECOVERY RATE.

So, do you think they’ll, all of a sudden, instantly forget their fears?


Politicians are appealing to people’s primary fears.

And it’s enabling them to pull of the purest mass manipulation of all time.

The sheer magnitude of this economic destruction won’t even begin to be felt until May or June.

Eventually this will lead to the total Loss of Confidence in Government.

Unfortunately, it will also ramp up the War Cycle.

The strength of our nation has ALWAYS been our economy.  Likewise, the world depends on our economy because we are the biggest consumers in the world.

Until small businesses get up and running again, we won’t see a recovery.

To make things worse, the Democrats have blocked relief for small businesses saying that the money should go to the workers.

What Morons.

If the business fails the workers lose their jobs.

These Dumbocrats think that handing people a couple of weeks wages will make them kiss the ground they walk on.

That’s not gonna happen nor will it fix the problem.

Meanwhile the banksters on Wall Street are salivating over the Trillions being set aside to bail them out.

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