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Unintended or INTENDED Destruction?


Walmart recently announced it hired over 100,000 new workers since the Kung Flu Pandemic reared its ugly head.

That’s great news for the lucky 100,000 and it also translates very well to Walmart’s bottom line.

You see, most of the new hires will be part time with no benefits, health insurance, etc. and that translates to big-time profits for America’s largest retailer.

But what about the now ungodly total of 6.5 Million new jobless claims being served up on a platter this week?

In only three weeks we now have nearly 17 Million new jobless claims.  Putting that in perspective, before the Pandemic That Will Kill Everyone got out of control, the average weekly jobless claim numbers were around 265,000.

Translation:  the vast majority of jobs purposely destroyed by a handful of elitists, aren’t coming back.

It’s called Intended Destruction.

Let me explain.

It takes a major effort to convince everyone that their fear of getting sick is more important than our constitutional rights.

Yet, that’s exactly what’s happened in a few short weeks.

This is very disturbing.

The truth is you should be more fearful of how this has all happened rather than you contracting the Kung Flu THAT HAS A 98% RECOVERY RATE.

What’s next?

Will the authorities (who are these authorities, anyway) soon be demanding that we prove we’ve been vaccinated for the Coronavirus?

Oh, Wait!

We’ve mentioned it before but take some time and look up ID2020.  Here’s a great link:

It’s a nefarious plan about forcing everyone to get vaccinated/injected with a computer chip.

Can you say “Mark of the Beast?”

When you look at the cretins pushing this agenda it’s easy to see how they’ve ramped up the overwhelming fear factor causing people to panic, fall in line, and submit to their authority.




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