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Why Human Nature NEVER Changes


Ironically (or NOT) when writing articles, posts, columns, etc., the two words I rarely use are ALWAYS and NEVER…notice I said “rarely use.”

This post is the exception.

If you study history, you’ll see that Human Nature NEVER Changes.

From the earliest recordings of man, civilizations have made the same mistakes over and over again.

It’s the reason why empires rise and fall.

Here’s the pattern.

  • Create wealth and prosperity with your own resources or,
  • Take the resources from others.
  • Develop a strong military allowing you to create more wealth and prosperity AND enabling you to take more resources from others.
  • Expand your empire and military around the world.
  • Accumulate unimaginable debt using your Super Power status.
  • Eventually default on the debt.
  • As the economy crashes, the Super Power – waiting in the wings (Cough! China Cough! Cough!) – moves in like a rabid scavenger gathering your resources amidst the rubble.


I know, I know…It’s a very bleak picture.

However, it’s based on one word…FEAR.

Human nature never changes because it falls victim of fear that’s used created to gain power.

It’s what we’re experiencing today in real time.

And it’s truly amazing how the entire world is living in fear of a virus that has a 98% RECOVERY RATE and is only 10% as harmful as the regular flu.

This hit home with me on Easter Sunday.

After I posted a video on Facebook of my kids and grandkids hanging out at our home and singing, I was openly scolded by a family member.

She ranted about how I was reckless, dangerous, selfish, and not Christ-like (I’m not making this up) because I wasn’t practicing “social distancing.”  She ended with love thy neighbor as thyself…STAY HOME.

I answered her and agreed that God said to love thy neighbor as thyself…but He did NOT say, “Hide from thy neighbor” or “Wear a mask around thy neighbor.”

She wasn’t impressed with my response.

To me this is a sign that people are coming unglued with the whole #StayAtHome laws.

Unfortunately, the longer this goes on, the more we won’t be so loving to our neighbors AND family members.

This is all part of what we wrote about in Friday’s post Unintended or INTENDED Destruction. (HERE)

We being played here folks.

And the banksters won’t let up until they decimate the economy to their liking.

Read how they’re doing it and, more importantly, how to counter their assault in our April newsletter (HERE).

Otherwise you’ll witness how Human Nature Never Changes.


Change the people around you



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