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Multi-Billion Dollar Profits From Managed Death

Yes, you read the subject line correct.

Every year, Big Pharma collects multi-billions in profits by slowly killing you.

We’ve become so pathetically blind to the atrocities of our medical system that we’re willing to taking poison because “My doctor said so.”

Where else but in America can we see treatments for deadly diseases costing $50,000 or more for one month?

Unfortunately, the medial profession today has been cuckolded by the Insurance and Big Pharma giants.

Example: The majority of doctors don’t practice medicine anymore.

They’re too busy worrying about being sued for malpractice.

Their job is to push pills and follow the insurance company protocol.

Translation:  “Make everyone believe they’re sick and cannot survive without our ridiculously expensive medicines.   And don’t worry, we’ll fool them into thinking that insurance will cover most of expense.”

What they fail to point out is how they quietly raise double or triple your insurance premiums to cover your “costs.”

This allows the Big Pharma companies to Manage Your Death as they collude with big insurance companies.

Keeping you alive and dependent on their drugs (while simultaneously being excluded from prosecution from “Bad Vaccines”) is a gold mine for both industries.

People don’t die from cancer.

They die from the side effects of chemotherapy that systematically kills the vital organs in your body.

Most of us have seen this happen to a family member or friend.  Unfortunately, we pass it off saying things like:  “It’s a shame they had to die this way.”

The real shame is allowing ourselves to be duped into thinking that more drugs are going to solve our health problems.

Think about this“Why do we allow the world’s largest pesticide maker (with a decades-long history of toxic contamination) dominate our food chain?”

We’ll cover this in December…stay tuned.

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