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Irish Riots Spark Surge of Riots in Europe

The surge of riots in Europe that you are seeing (or not seeing) is a result of the Irish riots over the recent stabbing of four children.


As a result, ‘Irish Patriotism’ is being labeled as “Far-Right Extremism.”


But the truth is Irish citizens are FED UP with their government leaders failing them.


And are fighting back against how their country has been undermined from the influx of migrants.

(You can almost hear them saying…in Irish brogue… “Dat’s Enooof!)


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Ironically (or NOT) the Irish are no strangers to battling those occupying their lands.


But this time, the European Union and Irish government permitted a mass influx of migrants into the country.

Then Ireland granted those migrants the right to vote in elections.

As a result, increased foreign nationals, misaligned traditions and morals, followed by the deaths of numerous citizens has led to upheaval in Ireland.



Surge of Riots in Europe



Additionally, these race riots are appearing across Europe.

And that includes Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and Sweden.


Unfortunately, you are not hearing much about it because, He who controls the media controls the narrative.


But these European race riots are not the result of far-right ideology.


Instead, the masses are waking up to the destruction their government leaders have caused and now realize their own countries have been invaded, deliberately.


Ironically (or NOT) this is ongoing proof that Patriotism is growing for one’s own country and not a European collective identity. 


And as we predicted, this migrant crisis is revealing the truth behind Brussels which only exists to make decisions for the collective of Europe on behalf of the globalist elite.



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Even Ireland’s Uber Popular celebrity, MMA star Conor McGregor, is currently under police investigation for allegedly aiding in enticing riots for saying: “Ireland, we are at war.”


And it’s about time someone like McGregor stepped up and admitted they are at war.


Because the tyrants behind the curtain have been pushing this agenda for several years while the sheeple have been asleep.


You don’t think it can happen here?


Simply substitute the phrase “Far-right Extremism” with MAGA and you’ll have your answer. 


Make sure you learn what you can do about it to protect yourself in our December issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


Share this with a friend…especially if they are of Irish descent…and are enraged at what is happening.

They will thank YOU later.


And remind them”


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