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Saturday Rant…Don’t Mess With Irish

One lesson to be learned from the tragic stabbings that occurred in Dublin is…Don’t Mess with the Irish.


A stabbing spree (on four children and an adult woman) in downtown Dublin on Thursday, sparked protesters to set vehicles ablaze, looted stores and fought police officers.


According to some reports, the wounded woman, a school worker, heroically rushed to defend the five-year-old girl, who was said to have been stabbed in the neck.


Reports are still coming in but supposedly the attacker was an Algerian man.


As expected, there is a lot of commentary going viral in social media.


And with that in mind we will turn today’s rant over to one of our favorite ranters, Scoob Martin.


So, take it away, Scooby…





James, as you often say, the media has been totally compromised and the stabbings in Ireland confirm it when you read garbage like:

The head of Irish police, Drew Harris, attributed the violence to a “lunatic, hooligan faction driven by a far-right ideology” and implied they were inflamed by online misinformation.

I can smell the BS here.

Because the answer to misinformation is information.  So, why not name the perpetrator to clear the air?

First guess:   Muhammed!

When in hell is a five-year-old child being stabbed in the neck, by an African, and almost bleeding to death is misinformation?

Yet the Irish media says

Police caution against “misinformation” about attacker’s origins, but haven’t released details about him.

Translation: the attacker’s origin is inconvenient, so, let’s not talk about it.

Funny how there’s lot of information about the rioters but not much about the guy stabbing 5-year-olds.

An African/Algerian man almost kills a five-year-old girl and stabs other kids… but all we hear about is evil whitey and his right-wing ruffians.

BTW, Algerians in France are murdering the French.  But it’s being covered up.

This should serve as a reminder how Open Borders Have Consequences.

Most people don’t realize how Ireland and the Irish have been a target for these people for millennia.  But you must really care about Ireland’s history to know that.

The spiritual lineage of the Irish people is rarely talked about, probably because it is so special.  They descended from a magical line of princesses originally held captive in Babylon.

So, this is nothing new for Ireland.

Ireland has suffered the most in this world.

Does anyone know about the Potato Famine of 1845 deliberately created by the German Empire who occupied UK, the present royal family is German House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. It killed 55% of 8 million Irish, roughly 4 million Irish were murdered by the King of UK for not obeying orders.

In todays ‘Woke’ language it would read: “… mostly peaceful rapes and stabbings….”

But the media condemns the Irish men but refuses to condemn the killers.

It’s almost like they are saying: if you don’t enjoy children being raped & stabbed by low-IQ Islamic invaders it’s because you’re driven by a far-right ideology.

The Irish gangs ruled many of the US slums as immigrants for decades because of their tenacious brutality.

If there was any place full of whiteys you don’t want to F**K around and find out, it would be Ireland.

And do you remember when BLM was rioting, looting and burning down stores in NYC, DeBlasio smiled and simply said, “They’re just expressing their political opinion.”

But in Ireland – upset people protesting the stabbing of their children and wives – the media and Dublin mayor calls them “far right extremists.”

You see the problem here?

This could well be the opening of Pandora’s Box because once you p**s off the Irish, you should expect the consequences.





Thanks, Scoob for that excellent rant.


You never disappoint.


And your rant will enlighten and infuriate some readers.


That is why we call it the Saturday Rant.


And thanks for the historical reminder how the Irish have endured more hardships than any other ethnic OR religious groups in history.



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