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Why Americans Won’t Give Up Guns

In addition to the 2nd Amendment, there are plenty of good reasons why Americans won’t give up their guns.


And now that we’re seeing ‘Orwellian Policies’ being enforced in England (notably the government funded BBC) it’s confirmation of why Americans should NEVER give up their guns.


Cue up: a recent video showing how a British High Court Officer tried to break into a home to collect on unpaid TV License Fees.


For decades the BBC has denied that they are a government funded or subsidized organization. 




And they argue that it is purely supported by public dollars, kinda like the PBS in America.


But what they don’t mention is that the government helps to strong-arm the public into paying that money to the BBC through enforced TV licensing.


And if they don’t pay the fee/license and are caught,  they can be fined or even jailed if they refuse to pay those fines.


Sad to say, once a population is disarmed there is no telling what kind of insults a bureaucracy will force upon them.


Because in the bureaucracy eyes the citizens’ property is no longer theirs.


Do Not Give Up Guns, Because…


And although some UK citizens are fighting back against inspections and the courts, the reality is if enforcement can simply enter their homes while they are gone, there’s not much they can do.



This BBC TV licensing policy is, if anything, a perfect example of the insidious nature of big government bureaucracy joining with corporate influence.


And it’s not always about mass censorship or mass surveillance.


Sometimes it’s about nickel-and-diming the public to death.


Sometimes it’s about turning small things that should be basic rights into controlled privileges.


And sometimes it’s about piling up requirements and restrictions to keep the populace constantly anxious and always desperate to appease authorities.


The phrase we prefer is:


Keeping You In a Constant State of Agitation



And when you are perpetually afraid of drawing the attention of the all-seeing-eye/Big Brother, you’re less likely to rebel against the system.


As insane as this probably sounds to most people in other countries, it gets even worse. 


Because if authorities believe you are watching BBC related content without a license, they can visit your home to collect on fines.


And with a warrant, this includes breaking and entering to search your property.


Think it can’t happen here?


Think again.


READ: Orwellian ‘Wokeness’ Attacks James Bond  February 28, 2023 (HERE).


And remember that the 2nd Amendment is the ONLY thing that separates us from the rest of the world.


So, don’t, under any circumstances, give up your guns.

Learn how to avoid the problems associated with Orwellian tactics (that will only increase in 2024) in our Tin Foil Times column (HERE).


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