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How an NFL Legend Helps You Beat the Gurus

Now that the Super Bowl is over (Congrats to all who didn’t watch is) we’ll say goodbye with one last football analogy regarding the markets.

Arguably, Barry Sanders was the greatest running back of all time.

His accomplishments and statistics still rank among the top in the world. But there is one major difference that separates him from the elite crowd.

He spent his whole career playing on one of the worst football franchises in America…the Detroit Lions.

Despite being on a perpetual losing team, Sanders dazzled the crowd (and most of his opponents) with remarkable zigs zag moves.  He combined those moves with lightening like reflexes while being able to run right over a defender.

He was the “Master of the Misstep” constantly throwing defenders off balance and avoiding tackles.  (Making them look awkward and stupid)

But his secret for success was based on anticipating his opponents move, allowing him to zig while they zagged.

So, what does this have to do with investing?


If you understand what the markets are saying, it becomes easier to anticipate what direction they’re heading.

And you don’t have to be a Barry Sanders to master a few basic skills to put you a step ahead of the crowd.

It all goes back to listening to what the markets are saying instead of what the media is saying.

The Lame Stream Presstitutes are NOT your friend.  They’re out to tackle you and keep you from winning…and the odds are greatly in their favor.

However, the odds were always against Barry Sanders.

Yet, he prevailed under the worst conditions and you can too.

Learn more about anticipating the market moves (HERE) and (just like Barry Sanders) you’ll make the Wall Street professionals look stupid.

That more than covers the cost of being a premium member.  (HERE)




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