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Humpty Dumpty Can’t be Put Back Together


The Global Financial System is broken.

The fake money printed since 2008 has made it seem like everything is okay and – just like a fairy tale – it will have a happy ending.

In reality it was when Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Run the clock forward to August 2019.

The tremors in the financial markets that began last August and September – long before the CoronaFraud showed up – with the collapse of the REPO market sent the boyz in the “Club” scattering like cockroaches when the lights come on.

We’ve said from the outset of the CoronaFraud that it’s the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind and it’s been the perfect distraction so the sheeple can’t see the power-grab taking place and the ushering in of tyranny (more on that later).

All the king’s men – the FED, Central Banks, and governments – are desperately trying to put Humpty back together again.  The problem is that the glue just won’t stick.

Since 2007-9 and thereafter, massive amounts of glue were applied in the form of unlimited money printing and credit creation.

Up till now the king’s men have been lucky.


Nobody realized that they worked with inferior glue (Cough! Trillions of digital/fake dollars fabricated out of thin air, Hairball Cough!).

Equity markets only care about quantity and there has certainly been enough glue or printed money going around.

So, now the Great Reset is raising its ugly head again.

Ironically (or NOT) it’s not being talked about behind closed doors.


Desperate governments around the globe have been culled into submission – mostly in part due to the destruction caused by the CoronaFraud – and are now practically begging for a New World Order.

Question:  How are you prepared to deal with this?

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We need a reset




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