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Stop Shoulding Yourself


You’ve said before.

Your friends and almost everyone who’s invested in the market has said it.

I Shoulda sold/bought (fill in the blank) when it was (fill in the blanks).

Don’t feel bad.

Wall Street’s bought-and-paid-for media presstitutes are experts in making you feel inferior to their wizardry when it comes to buying stocks.

It’s how they lure you into the markets while they’re getting out.

Ironically (or NOT) the financial gurus on TV are highly overpaid actors who read from a teleprompter.  The vast majority of them have never been traders nor have first hand experience on Wall Street.

The one exception to that rule was a former hedge fund manager who was forced to shut down his operation after failing miserably and losing most of his investors’ money.

Today that same fund manager is considered to be “The Authority” when it comes to stock market wizardry.  He even has his own show “Mad Money” where he gives you the best stocks to buy today.

Be honest here.

How many times have you thought “I shoulda bought (fill in the blank) when Cramer recommended it?”

Let me be blunt.

Stop shoulding yourself here.


In most cases, by the time you hear about a stock – especially one recommended by the “TV guru whores” – the big money has already been made.

The gurus are being highly compensated to bring you in to keep the stock rising for several reasons:


  • More volume = more investors buying/selling (more Robinhood amateur investors).
  • More volume allows the boyz in the “Club” to get out without being obvious.
  • Rising stock prices validates their guru status.
  • Greed takes over causing you to stay too long while the stock falls and you then say, “I shoulda…”


The reason you need to stop shoulding yourself is simple.

Regardless of how good or bad the markets seem, there’s always another opportunity waiting to be discovered.

In order to avoid Wall Street’s land mines, you need to learn how to Listen to the Markets.

If you’re hard of hearing, be sure to read our Hotter Than July issue of “…In Plain English.”





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