December 2022
December 4, 2022

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July Newsletter is Live


This month’s Hotter Than July edition of “…In Plain English” is up and available for your reading pleasure.

Here’s an excerpt:

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how powerful the pessimists can appear to be with the full cooperation and direction from Wall Street’s Bought-And-Paid-For Presstitutes.

Let’s not mix words here.

The Presstitutes have, so far, overwhelmed the vast majority of the world in 2020…even beyond what we were predicting in our December 2019 newsletter. (see archives)

Now that they have everyone in a panic – over a cold virus with a 99.5% recovery rate – they show no signs of letting up.

Read the entire letter (HERE).

SPECIAL NOTICE: July will be the last month for you to take advantage of our Deeply Discounted membership prices.

Since the CoronaFraud began we lowered our prices to $8.75 for a monthly membership (equal to two lattes at your favorite coffee shop) and the annual membership of $75 equals $6.25 per month. (You and your spouse can’t even go out for a nice dinner for $75).

If you choose the monthly membership you can cancel your order at any time because you’re under any obligation.

If you like our emails you’ll love our newsletter.

Here’s what Jeff (from Ohio) had to say:  “James, I learned more from your newsletter than I’ve learned in the last 40 years…and I studied business/finance in college.  Your monthly letter is a steal and  should charge more.”

Thanks Jeff…we’re taking your advice.

So, if you’re considering becoming a subscriber, act now and enjoy the current  Hotter Than July issue.  Prices go up at midnight on July 31st.

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