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How Cryptos Will Be Wiped Out

Despite the recent 50% loss in Bitcoin, the madness over cryptocurrencies is far from being over.  In fact, the crypto craze has a long way to go before it gets wiped out.

That’s right…wiped out.

And many investors will lose fortunes chasing what they think is the “real deal” when it comes to the future of money.

I’m not saying that cryptocurrencies are going to disappear.  But if you’re invested in them (or mining them) you need to be cautious, nimble, and very alert to the shift away from them in their present form.

You see, most banks will fight to the death to keep control of your money.  They don’t like to change because their current operating system enables them to rob you blind.   However, they’re stupid, stubborn and greedy enough to miss out on the transition that’s already underway.

The war for the future of money is rapidly increasing.  And the key to victory lies in “blockchain technology,” not cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain is the gamechanger.  And it’s not going away.

Crypto-currencies will eventually be wiped out and replaced by crypto-money.  The difference between them is crypto-money will be backed by hard assets as opposed to a digital entry on a blockchain.

Banks that can’t, or simply refuse to, adjust to the transition will also be wiped out in the process.  (Yaaaayyyy!)

The boyz in the “Club” know this.  And they certainly don’t want you to know about it.

They’re banking (pun intended) on the fact that you don’t have “eyes to see or ears to hear” about how nations like China are leading the charge.

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