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How To Find The Next Bull Market

Here’s a favorite old saying on Wall Street:  “There’s always a bull market somewhere.  You just need to know how to find it.”

And when you find it, you can sometimes ride it for 10 years without making any major adjustments.

Think about this for a minute.  All you have to do is make one good decision every decade and you’ll make a fortune.

However, the problem with finding it is caused by a built-in alarm system we all have.  It’s called FEAR.

Another problem you face is thinking that bull markets are limited to domestic stocks or indexes like the DOW or S&P.

Example (1) If you owned gold in the 70s, you experienced a classic example of a no brainer, decade long, a** kickin’ bull market.  The gold price started at $35.4 and ended at $878.5 (1980).  That translates to a 2,382% return…and all you had to do was hold it.

Example (2) If you were lucky enough to switch from gold in the late 70s to the NIKKEI Index (Japanese stock market), you would have had another 10 years of astronomical growth.

However, if you got greedy and stayed with either gold or the NIKKEI beyond their peak, you crashed and burned along with them.

That’s where the fear factor burns you.

Today, finding the next bull market will be no different than any other one in history.  The secret is learning to overcome your fears.

Despite all the fear/volatility in today’s world, I don’t believe the bull market we’re currently in is ending.

And, as usual, we refrain from calling market tops or naming specific stocks to invest in.

We simply try to point you in the direction where we see the most upside (Cough! Commodities, Cough!).

Check out our March issue of Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English (HERE) for more details.

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