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Did Iran Just Trigger WW3?

If you study the history of wars you’ll find one major consistency.  They’re ALWAYS about money.

It’s not money as we know it in today’s dollars.  Resources such as water, land, agriculture, oil, etc. serve the same purpose as money.  And when someone starts a war, it’s because they want what someone else has.

Many times, the aggressor will label their assault as a “noble cause” or “protecting their country from the boogey man.”  The reality is they’re trying to justify stealing someone else’s money (assets, land, oil, etc.).

This is how we’ve been dealing with Iran.  For years we’ve imposed economic sanctions against them in an attempt to cripple their economy.

It hasn’t worked.

In fact, it’s forced Iran into what may be a pre-emptive move against further US sanctions.

And it may be the start of WW3.

Last week the Central Bank of Iran announced that all merchant purchase orders denominated in US dollars would no longer be accepted through import procedures.

This is huge…and, not surprisingly, it’s not getting coverage by the Fake Stream Media.

The flow of money affects markets all over the world.  (We wrote how the crash of ’87 was caused by money flow HERE).

The banksters know this and when Central Banks move to shift the flow of money, it’s like kicking over a hornet’s nest.

The truth is Central Banks are the driving force behind most modern-day wars.  And if they aren’t kept in check, the wars quickly become global because everything is connected.

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