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Fat Fingers and Flash Crashes

Are you ready for the blame game?

It’s what happens when you see flash crashes in the market.  And the blame is usually directed to the trader with the “Fat Finger.”  (We wrote about Fat Fingers HERE).

Did you know that a flash crash can happen without you even hearing about it?  Sometimes it happens twice in one day.

Let me explain.  Many people look at the market prices at the end of the day and see that the DOW was up +53 points for the day.

No big deal, right?


That +53-point day could have seen the market drop 1,000 points, gain it back and then go up 300 points (a 1,300-point swing).  And it could have had several roller coaster ups and downs along the way before ending the day at +53.

The presstitutes MIGHT make a big deal about it.  But they don’t want you to know how to make money during flash crashes.

Instead they focus on blaming someone or something to cover up how stupid they are when it comes to explaining market movements.

Their Wall Street overlords give them a script of what to say so you end up falling into their traps.

Think I’m kidding?

Compare what all gurus say about events like flash crashes and see if you can see a pattern.

They all say the same thing.  They simply change their language or use different talking heads to drive home their point.

Here’s where you need to know how to “Connect the Dots.”

Aren’t you tired of the same old crap being thrown in your face 24/7?

Become a premium subscriber to Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English and see what the “Club” doesn’t want you to see (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.


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