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How the Empire Strikes Back

The Empire of Chaos knows that the only way to slow down our surrender of the World Reserve Currency to China is by inflicting economic pain.

It won’t be pretty.

But it will a spectacle to behold.

Most people don’t understand how currencies alter the landscape of investing.  And it’s probably the biggest reason they get beat up in the process.


The world comes unglued ONLY with a dollar rally – not a decline.

A drop in the dollar would be cheered by governments who would then issue even more debt.

However, a dollar rally will accelerate the Sovereign Debt Crisis.

Emerging Market defaults are once again coming into the limelight.  (Since 2008, the outstanding Emerging Market debt has increased over 50%).

A rising dollar is their worst nightmare.  They are economically in far worse shape today than they were in 2008.  As interest rates rise, they will blow their budget out and they do NOT have the economies to support the debt repayments (China is the exception).

The Emerging markets biggest problem is they’ve issued heaps of dollar-denominated debt to sell particularly to US pension funds seeking higher yield.  (Some of the buyers have been state-run pension funds…Ooops!)

Make no mistake.  China will continue the build-out of its BRI (Belt Road Initiative) and Syria remains the lynch-pin for its completion.

(Are you connecting the dots yet?)

And before the BRI is complete you can expect Uncle Sam to tighten the screws by making the dollar rise to unimaginable heights.

Tighten your seatbelts for the ride of your life.

And read about it HERE.



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