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Warning! This Email Contains Celebrity Profanities

For whatever reason, a big chunk of our society seems to think that it’s okay for celebrities to spew out profanities to express their (mostly unwanted) opinion.

Why else would an aging, has been actor, get a rousing standing ovation for screaming “F**k Trump!”

Or, an unknown female (so-called) comedienne get away with an unprovoked assault on our First Lady by calling her “a feckless c**t.

Or, another washed up, recently shamed (so-called) comedienne who’s back again lashing out an unprovoked assault on our “First Lady” by Tweeting “F**k you, Melanie!”


Seriously, can you ever recall a time in your life when we’ve been subjected to so many ongoing vulgar acts by low class people with limited vocabularies?

And the presstitutes keep cheering them on.

Oh, the hypocrisy!

However, if you step back and take the emotion out of these moronic displays (by people whose names aren’t worth mentioning), you’ll see how the elitists are using hatred to stir up more division in our nation.

Ironically, they’re shooting themselves in both feet and causing a ground swell of opposition by millions of “average Americans.”  (Hooray for the little guy!)

These celebrity tirades are not about Donald Trump.  He’s simply the focal point.

They’re about a vicious attack on our society.

It’s the kind of thing that breeds civil unrest…and continues to breakdown our moral foundation.

Don’t buy into this sickness.  Instead, you will do well by heeding the words of King Solomon:  “A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.”  Proverbs 15:1.

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