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Take ‘text’ from Context and You Get?

The subject line reminds me of an old saying, “If Pro is the opposite of Con, then what’s the opposite of Progress?”

When it comes to today’s news events, we’re seeing so many things being taken out of context.  And it’s fueled mostly by the bought-and-paid-for media.

So, if you tend to believe what you see without any critical thinking on your part, you are most likely being “conned.”

Hollyweird and the entertainment/music industry knows this game all too well.  Why else would celebrities and talk show hosts (Cough! Bill “I’m “Hoping” For “A Crashing Economy” So We Can Get Rid Of Trump, “Bring On The Recession” Maher, Cough! Cough!) continue to wish bad things to happen to American citizens.

(Yes, he actually said that).

It’s bad enough that you’re being conned every day by Wall Street/their Presstitutes/Hollyweird/Congress and the elite 1%.  But, what’s worse is the lack of outrage from all of us who are affected by their poison.

This small-minded crowd is very aggressive.  And, if left unchecked, will continue to sew the seeds of civil unrest all across America.

Their agenda is simple.  Divide and conquer.

The irony is (especially among the Hollyweird type) they claim to be the tolerant ones while accusing others of intolerance.  The truth is they are the most intolerant group in the country if you disagree with them and their beliefs.

I bring this to your attention because at Financial$Matter we focus on the flawed side of Wall Street.  At the same time, we remind you that Everything is Connected and that the markets don’t function in a vacuum.

That’s why you need to look at the big picture and “Connect the Dots.”

We make it easy for you to understand.  (HERE)


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