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Hollyweird Pushes #WearADamnMask!


Some things never change.

I’m referring to Hollyweird actors thinking the whole world actually cares about their opinion.

What part of You’re a highly overpaid entertainer – no more, no less – don’t they understand?

The Socially Conscious Hollyweird crowd is now proudly promoting the #WearADamnMask theme.

It’s another feeble attempt to shame those – who don’t want to wear a mask – to their way of thinking.

Again, who really cares what celebrities/athletes think?

Even the one-time “America’s Sweetheart,” Jennifer Aniston, has taken to social media encouraging her adoring sheeple fans to “Do it for your family.”


How is it that people like Aniston, Chrissy Teigen, Steve Carrell – and many names that I’ve never heard before – think it’s cool to donate Millions to bail out looters, thugs and rioters from jail and NOT RAISE MONEY TO HELP THE BUSINESS OWNERS/FAMILES who lost their livelihood because of the looters, thugs and rioters?

This should make you wonder how the “celebrity” crowd will act when the thugs, rioters and looters descend upon their homes/neighborhoods.

Will they brandish weapons like the couple in St. Louis did to protect their home?


They’ll hire men with guns to protect them while telling the rest of us that we should surrender our guns. (Cough! Politicians, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, etc., Hairball Cough!)

It’s almost as if the billionaire boyz “Club” members are telling the Hollyweirdos and professional athletes what to say.  Afterall, shouldn’t we follow their glaring example of morality and love or our nation?

Unfortunately, there’s far too many sheeple who look for leadership from celebrities who:

  • Are adept at throwing a ball
  • Get naked in front of a camera
  • Used to hang out with Jeffrey Epstein (who didn’t kill himself)
  • Actually believe they are great role models for our children


One thing is for sure.  2020, The Year of Chaos is definitely separating the “wheat from the chaff.”

However, instead of focusing on “Gee, what does LeBron think about this,” you should look for the opportunities of your lifetime that Wall Street doesn’t want you to see in these Turbulent Times.

See for yourself, (HERE).







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